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    Beijing Stead Automation Equipment Co., LTD., founded in 2009, is a manufacturing enterprise of gas concentration analysis. The company's leadership is formed by senior management and technical elites, with rich management experience and project practice experience. She commits to the development and sale of online gas analytical instruments, and to undertake the reassignment and production projects of the non-standard test equipment.

    Since founded, company has developed and sold five types gas analytical instrument and three series of online analytical system, respectively OGS-10T oxygen analyzer, OGS-10E electrochemical oxygen analyzer, HGS-10C thermal conductivity analyzer, IGS-09S infrared gas analyzer, WGS-15 microscale water analyzer, SGA series online monitoring system, SGM series online gas monitoring system and STD series simple pretreatment system. The products are widely used in chemical plant, steel plant, cement plant, pharmaceutical plant, environmental protection, scientific research and other fields. Market brings high praise from products’ quality and stability.

    We believe in "quality first and service foremost", hoping that provide our clients with the best solution of online analytical instrument application and the development of non-standard equipment by excellent quality of products and service. Looking forward to cooperating with you!

Quality First & Service Foremost

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